Jun 11

Brief Update Concerning My Novel

Not one of my usual, long-winded posts this time. Just updating folks that despite my previous outlook that I’d go and forget all about it, I’ve actually started writing it!

My usual method of writing a story is to bluster on ahead writing roughly what’s happening in quick, crudely written sentences just to get the story out, then go back over it a couple of times afterwards and add in the ‘squiggly bits’ like descriptions etc. In this way, I’ll have chapter one finished before I move on to different parts of the story; I’m not one of those weirdos that writes different parts of the story and then glues it together later.

So, when Chapter 1’s done: what should I do? Should I either carry on scribbling away until the whole thing’s done, then unleash it upon the world? Or, should I post Chapter 1 (either written in a blog post or as a pdf link) so that people get a flavor for the story and have a ripe opportunity to shoot me down like a winged hippo?

The choice is yours, my readers….. be gentle!

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  1. musingsonthemadness

    hmmm, it might be a good idea to unleash the first chapter if you think it can stand alone well as something that will attract people. Or you could show it to a select few, bu it’s entirely up to you. See how you feel when it’s done

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