Jul 06

Llamatastic Podcast?

Greetings one and all! I come to you with an open mind and a stack of questions concerning podcasting. I myself know only enough about podcasting to enable me to download and listen to them, I know absolutely nothing about what goes into making them.

I’ve listened to a fair few podcasts based on various things I’m into, such as Knights of the Guild, PODDED Podcast, and so on. In these podcasts they occasionally referred to the work that went into making them, but they never actually described what that was. Am i just being naive when I say, “isn’t it just recording an mp3 and uploading it somewhere?”.

The reason I’m asking is simply because I wondered if i should give it a go. Some of the comments I receive sing to the tune of, “I like what you’re saying, but it’s just way too much to read”. Which got me thinking that maybe I should say it aloud instead. I think I’d better get across the dripping sarcasm in my voice better that way, anyway.

If I did make the podcast, it would probably be themed; most likely the theme of ‘Luke’s rants about how good/average/overrated/shit something is and how better it would be if Luke had a say in it’. When I downloaded podcasts like that, I liked nothing more than driving along in the car and listening to someone going off on a well thought-out rant about something, whether I agreed with them or not. Sometimes it’s fun to completely disagree with someone and write them an equally well thought-out snotty email!

I would really love to hear from any podcasters or indeed ex-podcasters out there who can shed some light on the subject for me. I make the point of mentioning ex-podcasters because there must be a reason they packed it in; was it too much effort? Does it cost a lot to host? Please let me know.

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