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Idiots: Part 2

If you haven’t read my blog post Idiots: Part 1 of no-doubt many, I suggest you do so before reading the following as I’m not going to bother repeating my definitions.

In my previous post on this subject I clearly laid out what constitutes a person being an idiot versus a person being stupid, as I maintain there is a very clear distinction between them. In this post I’d like to cover what category to put a different kind of person who people may refer to as both these terms. I’m sure absolutely everyone reading this knows someone who fits the description.

The kind of person I’m referring to is the one who pretends to be more intelligent that they really are, with the result of making them look less intelligent than they really are.

The sort of person who tends to fit this description is the sort of person who likes to be different; they’ll very often dress unusually purely to get a response and be able to say something trivial and well rehearsed like “I don’t care what anyone thinks” or “I dress however I want” in reply. This person will in (I guess) around 83% of the time own at least some piece of Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise other than the DVD itself. If not an NBC fan, they will wear something black and leather, have an unconventional haircut, listen to non-mainstream music, or all of these. Most importantly, this person will have somewhere along the line learnt a couple of choice words/phrases which they, upon first hearing, thought sounded incredibly intelligent/interesting/important, then took those words/phrases away and tried to fit them into as many conversations in their own lives as possible with no regard to it making sense or not. This is where it all starts to go wrong.

Addendum: Among the 83% are the sort of person who has photos taken of themselves in order that everyone can see how ‘different’ they are. See below.

When you get a person who is clearly not satisfied with themselves (indicated by a constant need for attention, ergo appraisal) and arm them with what they consider to be an irresistible, and most importantly undetectable, means of acquiring the attention they need (yes, need); the result is one of the most irritating people in the world to people who are intelligent, or who understand how to correctly use the words/phrases and their proper meanings, or who can simply spot attention-seekers from a mile away.

In my own experience, some key terms these people favour are as below:

  • Random
  • Banal
  • Actually
  • Ironically
  • Literally
  • Basically
  • Procrastinate
  • Apathetic

Although to some these words may not seem the least bit special or out of the ordinary, to these people these words make everyone stop in the middle of the street and think, “wow, literally the most intelligent person in the whole world, and just check out that Jack Skellington backpack!”

Some examples of word misuse in an attempt to sound more intelligent than you are:

“I wanted some chocolate porridge but they only had regular, ironically I have my own cocoa at home”

“Oh Em Gee, those black and pink striped socks are so random and your NBC badges are basically awesome

“Let’s go take 2 hours drinking an iced coffee in a different Starbucks, this one’s banal now”

If a little voice inside of you hasn’t bayed for blood, you should probably stop reading; this post clearly isn’t aimed at you.

In the above examples you can see that the person is attempting to insert their newly found super-words into a sentence so as to impress those around and to appear to be intelligent. The person isn’t by any means unintelligent to begin with, but they appear so afterwards. This is precisely what I’m talking about.

Now, to the question at hand. What do we call these people? When you see/hear them in the street you say “what an idiot!” or “they look/sound stupid”. I assert that these labels aren’t justified. Based on my classical definition of what constitutes an idiot versus a stupid person (click here if you need reminding).

I also assert that the term ‘emo’ doesn’t cover what we’re trying to say about this particular strain of people. While it does follow suit that many emo people do dress unusually on purpose and cover themselves with NBC apparel, they don’t all share that same urge to use overly complicated language in order to give the appearance of higher intellect. We need to classify this particular group.

Although they may appear it through their speech and actions, these people are not stupid by definition. In fact, for the most part tend to be well read, articulate and (usually) have a higher IQ. So then, what do we call them?

I think American English has given us the brilliant term ‘douchebag’, although this term doesn’t quite cover these people’s actions on all points and doesn’t tend to cover people with the drive to seek attention by dressing ‘interestingly’.

In summary, it is my view that these people are neither idiots or stupid; that being said, does a new word need to be invented/coined or do we already have a term for these people? Please let me know.

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