Nov 14

Gameplay Videos – Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

It seems the latest things that people (including a couple of my friends) seem to be doing is recording videos of themselves playing games with narrative. Some of these are very funny, especially when doing something for the first time or coming into difficulty. This is funny from the perspective of people who similarly have no idea what’s going on and can relate to the narrator’s problems, and from the perspective of veterans of the game who have long-ago encountered and overcome the difficulties.

I wondered what game(s) I could do… I was going through the list of games I regularly play:

– Minecraft – LOADS of people do videos of Minecraft… while they’re good, I feel that’s been done. I know @burtonearny was trying to talk me into doing a joint-narrative Minecraft video series, which I may still do, but that’s not something I’d like to do as a solo project.

– The Sims 3 – Who the HELL wants to watch someone play The Sims 3!? The whole point of the game is watching the lives of fake people, prodding them in the right direction every now and then; I don’t see what possible enjoyment anyone could get from watching someone watch someone! It’s like third-hand stalking!

– FPSs such as Battlefield 3 – since the late 90s I’ve tended to get FPS games for console rather than PC. I don’t think I can go through the hassle of getting whatever equipment would be necessary to record my gameplay from a console. I DO have some FPS games for PC…

Then it occurred to me… I’ve got LOADS of games that I haven’t actually played yet. Things I’ve got in deals or simply because they were really cheap, convincing myself that I’d eventually get around to playing them. I thought maybe I could just go through this list of games, playing them literally for the first time and recording what happens. This might not sound riveting, but I can get quite animated when first playing a game, especially if it pisses me off or the controls are a bit hard.

I think I’d try to keep the episodes at around 10-15 minutes (if that), heaving chopping them about so that only the ‘interesting’ bits go in. Thoughts?

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  1. Squid

    I think you should go right ahead and do it! Joint narrative (if you mean with another person even if they’re not playing) can be very good, see Yogscast. Perhaps something like Skyrim as it hasn’t been played to death yet? I know I only picked Minecraft because I was already playing a lot of it, but I’ve seen a couple of Let’s Plays of games that the players hadn’t played before or even really read the instructions and they turned out really well, mostly because the narrators were, like yourself, naturally entertaining people.

    In conclusion, yes, go right ahead! Pick either something you know really well or something you know nothing about. And give it 15 minutes of playing while narrating, and maybe 15 minutes of playing and adding narrative afterwards to see which you’re more comfortable with. Personally I’ll watch everything you upload.

    1. Mr Llamatastic

      Thanks for the vote of confidence!

      I reckon I’d be better off doing things I’d never played before because there’re more of them, and people find my confusion and suffering amusing!

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