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Dwarfs, Bretonnians and Wood Elves

Philoserf - Mark Ayers 


Mark Ayers (@philoserf) posted the following in the Games Workshop group over on Empire Avenue.

I thought it was a really good question and so went a little too in-depth on my answer.



He asked:

Dwarfs, Bretonnians and Wood Elves

In my opinion each of these needs some army book loving.
a) am I right?
b) which needs it the most?
c) which will come first?
d) what will be the next to go the way of Kislev or Dogs of War?

I answered, in my usual brief manner:

With all the new additions to magic lists in other armies, I definitely agree that the Dwarfs need some love. I honestly don’t think that the models need to be changed much (maybe the Hammerers), but the rules definitely need some anti-magic stuff because the +2 just doesn’t cut it.

I think Bretonnia is in the most need of the three for an update, the models especially. With the sexy new Empire Pistoliers’ horses galloping around making the destriers of Bretonnia look like Shetland ponies, it’s really putting the ‘cavalry army’ to shame. The rules for Bretonnia actually sit quite well in the latest edition of fantasy. Fair enough, they haven’t been touched for yonks, but at least they’re not at a disadvantage like the dwarfs. The only thing I can see Bretonnia missing out on in the new rules are the bonuses for ranks and numbers, which in a cavalry army you just can’t have. They’ll probably get an equivalent of the old ogre bull charge to make up for this.

Wood Elves don’t need changing in my opinion. Being a (fairly) new book, they work very well in the new edition and the models are just plain schmexy. Their only drawback was the amount of metal special choices, but now they’re in Finecast! (sure the price hasn’t gone down, but it’s easier to build and preserve!)

It’s a toss-up between Dwarfs (being more popular) or Bretonnia (being an older book) for which one will be first, but my money’s on Dwarfs.

I think the next thing to be dogs-of-war’d will be some of the less-used special characters in various army books. I think GW is moving more towards people customizing their own general.


Is he right? Am I right? Are either of us right? Let me know!

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