Dec 09


I like taking photos, me. It’s dead fun. – Luke Nyland


For years I’ve really enjoyed photography. I’m not one of those people that occasionally shoots a photo of themselves at a 30 degree angle on their camera-phone and then goes around calling themselves a photographer, nor do I consider myself to have a deeper knowledge of photography because I’ve taken the odd photo in black & white and know how to find the contrast controls in Photoshop; but I can take a passable photo every now and then, and I enjoy doing it.

Back in the good old days when I THOUGHT I was busy, but by today’s standards I was practically on holiday, I used to wander around at any old time taking photos of various things I thought were interesting, and even the odd things that I didn’t. I’d then enjoy spending even MORE of that time I used to have playing around with the images in Photoshop to either touch them up, or turn them into completely new things. It was all such riotous fun.

Nowadays though, I don’t have the time, money or effort to go anywhere interesting and take pretty pictures anymore. When the weekend comes around and I think to myself, “yeah! It’s the weekend! Let’s DO this shizzle!” then promptly slob around on the couch shovelling microwaved food into my mouth before falling asleep, only to wake up the next day and repeat the process. Any weekend I do manage to defeat my own laziness and venture out somewhere, I usually find myself regretting it on Monday, wishing that I’d instead stayed indoors and recharged. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

Winter is an odd time for me to suddenly regain the urge to get back into photography. Mostly because my preferred style is nature photography, and the majority of nature is either dead or buried into a layer of ice and snow in the Winter; but also because I hate with a passion the hidden perils of getting from A to B in Winter. Stepping outside the front door is a hazard in Winter! That lovely fluffy patch of snow you’re about to step on could be harbouring a vicious sheet of ice waiting to slip you up and break multiple vertebrae!

So, the logical thing to do would be to have it as my New Year’s resolution: get back into photography. Pffft…. like I’m going to even remember this in January! I may re-think the idea (by which I mean, originally think it all over again) in the new year, which may result in lots of pretty pictures. Who knows, I might end up venturing outside my front door and capturing the soul of the odd thing during the Winter, but it’s highly unlikely… the point of this is that I WANT to.

Anyone else out there into photography (not as an occupation)? How do you fit it in? How do you muster the effort? Where do you post pictures and do you do anything interesting with them?

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