Dec 21

Looking Forward to Skyrim (Over a Month After Release)

The world and his dog has played and enjoyed the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by now, has joined in on memes, told the jokes, regailed friends with tales of exploits; except for me that is. That’s not to say that I know anything less about the game, though…

I’ve watched every video produced, hours of gameplay footage, read reviews, playthroughs and blogs; yet I haven’t actually got the game yet. I’ve told myself that I don’t have the time and effort to spend playing an engrossing game like Skyrim yet, and that it can wait until next year when it’ll be 5p, buy one get one free, and come with a free cuddly toy that yells FUS RO DAH! This made a lot of sense, and still does, but is becoming increasingly more difficult to resist.

What’s staying my hand at the moment is not the cost, though… it’s the thought that I might get bored with it quicker than everyone else has. Everyone else who’s had the game has been battling their way through it and having a jolly good time. I’ve been watching all this going on, so have essentially been doing it too. Imagine that same person being told that they have to start all over again after getting as far as they did. That’s me! I’d be starting from the beginning doing all the things I’d already seen happen AGAIN! I don’t know whether or not I’ll have the surprise or suspense, which is (as far as I’m concerned) rather an important part of any game that relies on the richness of the world its set in. (Partly because it means a bit of time in between the player accomplishing tasks, and partly because if there were the same amount of NPCs as in more compact game, only a NASA super-computer could run the thing!)

I’m now left with the thought that I should wait until the game is ridiculously cheap so that if I’m bored in the first half an hour, at least I’ve only spent a small amount of money.

Next question: what platform? I used to be of the opinion that first person games should only be played on PC. It offered much better control over looking around, and gave the player quick and easy access to their items/equipment. In the late 90s I underwent a radical change, preferring to play pretty much all first person games on console. Yes, it’s not as responsive as PC; but you don’t have to worry about changing graphical settings, gameplay is much more accessible, the controls are simplified and most consoles these days allow players from all over the world to quickly group up with each other and get into a game, and be able to chat without the use of 3rd party software or any other jiggery-pokery. Thing is, though, with a single-player game like Skyrim, do I really care about how easy it is to talk and play along with friends?

Oh it’s so very confusing…

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