May 08

A Tale of Many Gamers

FINALLY… and a good long while after I said I’d be posting more Hobby-related things; I’m going to be doing something worthy of note! At my local gaming establishment and emporium of geekery, Gamerz Nexus, I’ll be taking part in a Tale of Many Gamers campaign for Warhammer Fantasy, as popularized by White Dwarf magazine.

We’ll be starting off with rules-legal 500pts forces, fighting a couple of skirmishy engagements in order to accrue some renown and acquiring reinforcements. The campaign with then increase in 500-750pts increments until it culminates in a massive, tentacle-waving, wing-flapping, spell-casting game of Storm of Magic!

There’ll be one game a month, allowing for plenty of time (he says, hypocritically) to paint the extra models needed to qualify for the next points tier.

source: wallpaperpassion.com

I’ve decided to go for a Dark Elf corsair force. A corsair captain as landed on the shores of the Old World (Elthin Arvan) in order to plunder a bit, take a couple of slaves and generally have a lovely time. As time passes (at the next points increase, in fact) a sorceress will appear, whispering promises of forbidden knowledge and unspeakable power into the captain’s ear and encouraging him to raise an army and slaughter the innocent masses. “Alright then,” says the captain, “anything to pass the time…”

At the end of the campaign, the simple captain and his motley crew will be transformed into a mighty pirate lord mounted atop a sea dragon barking orders to serried ranks of hundreds of druchii, chomping flesh-hungry dinosaurs, and other big gribbly beasties!

At the time of writing, I’m fairly confident that the other campaigners will be:

  • A force of Skaven from the dreaded, pox-ridden Clan Pestilens,
  • A host of daemons brought forth by the blood god, Khorne
  • A hulking crew of pirate ogres who have, apparently, found SOME kind of ship to support their less-than-petite frames
  • A force that has, to my knowledge, only been described as “ALL the tentacles!” I take that to mean some sort of Chaos force, but whether it’s Daemons or Hordes I don’t know. One assumes that Tzeentch is involved if tentacles are the order of the day.

I shall be posting my efforts to prepare for the campaign (deliberating army lists, modelling and painting things etc.) as well as (if I remember) some photos and battle reports of the games themselves.

I’ve already made a start on my sea dragon conversion, and have remembered to take one or two photos. Here’s hoping I can actually put together something of a useful post for you all!

If anyone out there has done a corsair-themed Dark Elf army before and has come up with something funky to make certain units stand out or match the theme better, I’d love to hear about it. I’m not limiting myself to GW models as over the years I’ve accumulated several gorgeous Dark Elf models from companies such as Gamezone Miniatures and Avatars of War with my would-be catchphrase, “I’ll find a use for that one day”.

One thing I’d also like to get people’s views on: how much hot water do you think I’d be in if I used GW’s images of models (say, for example, if I wanted to talk more about one or two with a picture to illustrate what I’m talking about)? I’ve heard a fair few horror stories now about the GW legal team striking such offenders down with brutal efficacy.

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