Nov 10

Time passes, much stays the same

It’s been a VERY long time since I last updated the site. In an ideal world there’d be paragraph upon paragraph’s worth of stuff to fill the world in on, but unfortunately the past year has been a period of distinct stagnation.

Work has occupied my days, with nights being spent playing card games, board games, video games… pretty much any games I have the energy for and find the least bit fun! This all SOUNDS very exciting, no? Well… those game-playing nights have been fairly few and far between, but when they did come around, they were pretty fun, granted.

Remember all that writing I was going to be doing? Yeah… that didn’t happen either. Remember all the painting I was going to be doing? Yeah…. about that…

Long story short, much like the rest of the world, it seems; 2016 has been a bit of a blowout and a let-down. I think I’ll make myself something of a roadmap for 2017. Nothing too extravagant, just planning out what I’d like to achieve and get done by the various stages in the year – that way when I get something done, even if it IS only writing a chapter or two of a story – I’ll feel like I’ve actually accomplished something.

This has been your semi-miserable update from the world of me. More to convince future archeologists that I was still alive at this point, if not very active!

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