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Mr Llamatastic


Luke Nyland, a.k.a. Mr Llamatastic, a.k.a. Lukus el Nilandos, a.k.a. Miguel Juan-Sanchez Rodriguez


Rayleigh, UK

Favorite Animal:

I’ll get back to you…


I like doing all sorts really. One of my greatest joys is in writing things, ever since I was but a youngling I’ve been writing whatever popped into my head and trying to make it sound more interesting than it really was. Admittedly, this got me into trouble on the odd occasion where either the people reading what I’d written weren’t entirely happy with the content, or I should have instead been doing something completely different. Nevertheless, I carried on… thick-headed, yes…. stubborn, yes… but oh so very worth it.

Other than that I like all the usual things your average common or garden geek gets his thrills from: videogames, reading, watching movies, and I’ve rediscovered my obsession for MMORPGs. Currently, I can be seen plodding across the wide open landscapes of the Old World as Thrakki Gottrisson, the Dwarf Runepriest in Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. (I’m on the Karak Azgal server, feel free to bug me). I can also be found on EVE Online under the guises of Lyrialus and Mr Llamatastic (although I pretty much only got the second one to secure the name!).

I’m also on Empire Avenue, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Raptr and probably other things too. Feel free to look me up!




When not treading flat the fields of glorious battle, I’m instead chained (quite literally) to a desk all bloody day, where I toil until the bone at the end of my fingers is exposed from excessive typing. Whenupon I have to requisition those little rubber thimble-shaped thingies people use for turning pages, which is not all bad really…. mine are shaped like the main cast of Star Wars.

I’m an IT gremlin, though to blow my own horn, I’m not one of those low-level IT gremlins you get in starter zones of RPGs; I’m more like a quest giver when you get to about lvl20 (not quite high enough to be worth killing, but high enough that if you’re level 1-19 you’d say to your mate, “don’t aggro that guy”)




Feel free to leave any comments on this ‘ere blog, or drop me an email at mrllamatastic@llamatastic.com

I’m on Twitter @MrLlamatastic , make sure you follow me or you might miss one magnificent second of my stupendously exciting life!

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