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Nov 15

Publishing an RPG Story

So once again I’ve been writing up the story for a roleplay game (Warhammer Fantasty Roleplay 3rd Edition). When I write up a story, I really go to great lengths to think of everything that might happen. This involved plotting in great detail what locations look like, what the different people in the world(s) look …

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Feb 23

When the World You Create Becomes the World You Live In

Roleplaying Games (RPGs) When you play a RPG, it involves putting yourself in the perspective of a complete stranger. You find yourself making moral decisions based on a different code, wanting things that another person would want and so on. It’s kind of like controlled, prolonged empathy. This can be a refreshing escape from the …

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Jun 18

Goings On Are Going Down: EVE, Writing and More!

Well, in an odd twist of fate; I’m actually doing things that I pledge I’m going to do! I’ve been neglecting EVE Online a bit recently, though. I’ve been popping on every now and then to see if anyone’s online, to change my skills and to pretend to run a mission or two. I say …

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May 07

Industry in EVE: is it really worth doing solo?

Before I begin, I’d just like to say (for those of my readers who don’t know what a Star Wars geek I am) I found it SO very hard not to put a comma after ‘doing’ in the title! In EVE Online, I’m what some call a carebear, some call an industrialist and some call …

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Feb 17

A Story is Born! : My New Adventure in WFRP

After a hearty conversation in the pub; it’s been decided that I’m going to write another story for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. This is incredibly good news for me as I’m slowly feeling my creative glands shrivelling away and turning to dust: having been underused for so very long. In a slight change of mood and …

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Jan 11

The Class System in Modern Society

A modern day phenomenon of assigning class based on physical attributes

Dec 15

Holding out for a healer ’til the end of the night

A jolly little rant about healers in MMORPGs

Dec 11

The Kindness of Strangers

A rant fuelled by the kindness of my guildies in WAR

Dec 10

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

After a thoroughly enjoyable conversation with my friend Aiden today I’ve had a surge of inspiration, spurring me to continue the WFRP story I started with my friends some months ago. I think I was initially selected to do the story not for my love of writing, my extensive knowledge of the subject or my …

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Dec 09

My Adventures in WAR

How I got to the state of happiness I’m in today, all snuggled in the warm embrace of carnage and destruction.

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