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Jun 30

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – the end of my hobby

Have you ever gotten really invested in a TV series, maybe even bought t-shirts, mugs etc. to let everyone know you’re proudly affiliated; only for it to come to an abrupt end, leaving you thinking “well now what am I going to do with my life…?” That’s how I feel about Warhammer. Only, instead of …

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Aug 06

At what point does inclusivity become preferential treatment?

In the 21st Century, most people are on-board with the idea that regardless of race, gender, politics, sexual orientation, body type, etc.; people within a society should be treated equally and/or given equal opportunity. I’m writing this to discuss the very subtle difference between these, and asking when the provision of equality becomes preferential treatment. …

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May 07

No Maybe About It

I received a blindingly stupid email from a generic, falsely cheerful marketing/training company which I thought was SO spectacularly dim-witted, it warranted sharing with the world. The opener of this email (which is, as we all know, meant to catch the readers’ attention and reel them in for the “big sell”) is as follows: Luke, …

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Oct 08

Are “Casual” and “Competitive” Gaming Styles Mutually Exclusive?

We’ve all come across them: the people who take their games to a serious level, and for whom losing is never an option. This can be incredibly annoying to those who play against them and aren’t of like mind, but can also make a game more challenging (and ultimately more enjoyable….?) This post mainly concerns players of …

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Aug 02


A little rant about the inhabitants of Earth – everyone’s favorite wet rock in space!

May 05

10 Easy Steps to Guarantee More Blog Views

Ten steps that will guarantee not only that more people will visit your site, but will want to keep coming back!

Mar 27

Complaining Until It Benefits You

What has two thumbs and had no idea about a new local road layout, then tried to out-smart the new road layout and failed miserably…? THIS guy! Something got me thinking as a result of this new road layout, though, and so I’ve decided to share with you all a thought I’ve had about a …

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Mar 23

Perils of the Mega-Nerd/Geek in Society: Shopping

The world we live in is driven by retail, the life of a nerd/geek doubly so. Pretty much everything that makes a geek happy in life is bought. Most of this can be achieved from the comfort of our own homes using that most wonderful of inventions, the internet. However, there comes a time when a trip to a high street, shopping mall or other hive of scum and villainy is required. This is an awful experience to be avoided at all times.

Mar 20

“Either you get out of my way or I’m walking through you”

There are certain words, signs and gestures that transcend nationality, gender, background or language; they’re usually quite unique, and fill a certain communicative requirement that make them invaluable. Arguably the most common of these is the word ‘okay’ and its accompanying gesture. Written as both ‘okay’ and ‘OK’ due to phonological similarity, both the word …

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Feb 03

Atheism Leads to Human Extinction?

  NOTE: The following rant was written in early 2010. Wow, I was angry that day! Having seen this flowchart neatly decide that me being an atheist will eventually lead to the extinction of my species, I paused for a little while to consider the validity of the claim (which every good scientist should do), …

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