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Aug 06

At what point does inclusivity become preferential treatment?

In the 21st Century, most people are on-board with the idea that regardless of race, gender, politics, sexual orientation, body type, etc.; people within a society should be treated equally and/or given equal opportunity. I’m writing this to discuss the very subtle difference between these, and asking when the provision of equality becomes preferential treatment. …

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Oct 08

Are “Casual” and “Competitive” Gaming Styles Mutually Exclusive?

We’ve all come across them: the people who take their games to a serious level, and for whom losing is never an option. This can be incredibly annoying to those who play against them and aren’t of like mind, but can also make a game more challenging (and ultimately more enjoyable….?) This post mainly concerns players of …

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Aug 02


A little rant about the inhabitants of Earth – everyone’s favorite wet rock in space!

Mar 28

Semantic Volume

DISCLAIMER: This post is really only interesting to language geeks or those who want to know more. You have been warned…

Mar 20

“Either you get out of my way or I’m walking through you”

There are certain words, signs and gestures that transcend nationality, gender, background or language; they’re usually quite unique, and fill a certain communicative requirement that make them invaluable. Arguably the most common of these is the word ‘okay’ and its accompanying gesture. Written as both ‘okay’ and ‘OK’ due to phonological similarity, both the word …

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Feb 03

Atheism Leads to Human Extinction?

  NOTE: The following rant was written in early 2010. Wow, I was angry that day! Having seen this flowchart neatly decide that me being an atheist will eventually lead to the extinction of my species, I paused for a little while to consider the validity of the claim (which every good scientist should do), …

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Jan 26

Games Night

Friends and family sitting around a table, rolling dice, drawing cards, moving pieces and laughing riotously all the while. This is the scene you usually find on the front cover of board games the world over, but does anyone actually do that anymore? Well, lately I’ve been doing just that! Even in the age of …

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Jan 25

The Crazy Things People Do When They’re Sick

I’m a very rational person. About 90% of the time, everything I do is thought-out, done for a reason, and done in a manner that would get the job done well and (if possible) with the most enjoyment gained from doing it. I’m the first to look down my nose at all the silly little …

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Jan 09

Bad Move by BBC News?

Take a look at this article on BBC News’ website. It’s an article explaining how forensic scientists assess a crime scene, and figure out who committed a murder. When I first saw this I was interested in what it was saying, as I assume and hope most people would be. The level of detail is …

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Jan 06


Mythical Creatures Over the ages there have been many mythical creatures invented in every civilization on the face of the planet. In all walks of life you’ll have references to magical creatures, superstitions and deities that at one stage or other were taken as fact; some of which have since been proven to be untrue …

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