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Perils of the Mega-Nerd/Geek in Society

Mar 23

Perils of the Mega-Nerd/Geek in Society: Shopping

The world we live in is driven by retail, the life of a nerd/geek doubly so. Pretty much everything that makes a geek happy in life is bought. Most of this can be achieved from the comfort of our own homes using that most wonderful of inventions, the internet. However, there comes a time when a trip to a high street, shopping mall or other hive of scum and villainy is required. This is an awful experience to be avoided at all times.

Nov 28

Perils of the Mega-Nerd/Geek in Society: Overheard Conversations

One very defining feature which separates the nerd/geek from the lesser humanoids in society is our passionate devotion to one field/subject; being able to call up information to the most detailed degree. We spend a large percentage of our waking lives in the pursuit of new information regarding our specialist subject, and passionately defend it …

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Nov 24

Perils of the Mega-Nerd/Geek in Society: Meetings

At what point after meeting someone is it socially acceptable to reveal you’re a mega-nerd/geek? A question that has plagued the nerdy populace of Earth for as long as there have been numbers to crunch and pointless things to obsess over. I don’t feel comfortable saying that I have a definitive answer to this (if …

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