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Llamavlog 01 – New Camera


University Challenge: Thomas Grinyer – 91!

Firstly, apologies for the poor video quality, but I felt I owed the world the chance to see everyone’s favourite Thomas Grinyer answer: 91! Don’t forget, there’s a Thomas Grinyer fan page on Facebook: My website:

Nov 18

My Gameplay Videos

So thanks to the response from my readers, I’ve decided I’m going to go ahead and do some gameplay videos for YouTube. I’ve got a load of games in my Steam list that I’ve never played before (some of which are popular with many people). I got them either because they were in a sale, …

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Nov 17


My good pal and occasional lover @burtonearny has found himself playing with rather a funky band. Well, I say funky, more rockabilly, but still, they’re damn good and they go by the name of Darkhorse. They’ve got a bunch of videos on their Facebook fanpage here so you can check out some of their live …

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Nov 14

Gameplay Videos – Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

It seems the latest things that people (including a couple of my friends) seem to be doing is recording videos of themselves playing games with narrative. Some of these are very funny, especially when doing something for the first time or coming into difficulty. This is funny from the perspective of people who similarly have …

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Jul 14

Boredom and ‘The Indefinite Game’

I feel I owe the internet an apology for this video. I hadn’t uploaded anything to my YouTube channel for months, and it was driving me nuts. I’d made an attempt at doing a proper video with a nice camera, a script and even something interesting to talk about; but due to technical difficulties I …

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Jun 19

Influence on the Internet

Trying to avoid as much self-aggrandizement as possible here; but I consider myself to be quite an intelligent, well-rounded and logical user of the internet. I’m not any of the known extremes: I don’t sit in dark rooms, ignoring my family, and trawling porn sites until my perversion gets me arrested I don’t click on …

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Murmurs of Middle Earth – LotR Remix

I’m uploading this all over the place to try and raise awareness of it!

The amount of time and love that must have gone into making this is unbelievable, I only wish there was more of it!

Mar 05

Minecraft: The Demise of Burton Earny

Burton Earny (Paul Mortimer) is a thoroughly nice guy who really enjoys playing Minecraft. He recently inducted me into the game, took me under his wing and helped me out at every step of the way. This is my little way of saying, “fuck you” for all his hard work and effort. Special thanks to …

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Oct 29

My Thoughts: Cloning for Conservation

My reaction to a BBC News article:

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